When bringing your business to a new property, you deserve the most fair agreement possible and you should not have to learn the intricacies of commercial real estate to achieve this goal. Working with our brokers ensures your landlord will be unable to abuse your agreement for profit through unrelenting extra charges. The window of opportunity to protect your business is prior to signing a lease. It is never too early to consult with our brokers; you may wish to begin planning years prior to the end of your current term.

The Cost of a Broker

As a tenant, working with our brokers confers no cost to you. All fees are covered by the landlord of the space you are moving into. Keep in mind our brokers represent tenants exclusively—there are zero ulterior motives which would benefit a landlord. Our duty is to our clients; you should be confident in that we have assisted your business in achieving a thorough and fair agreement for the perfect office space.

Lease Agreements

Commercial lease agreements are immensely sophisticated today and require a great deal of careful consideration. A subset of the most salient considerations we specialize in include:

  • Sublet and assignment clauses
  • Escalation charges
  • Real estate taxes
  • Electricity costs
  • Rentable vs. usable square feet
  • Alteration clauses
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Expansion, renewal, relocation, cancellation clauses

Your lease must have careful delineation for each of these items and many others. Protect your business with a lease agreement which exceeds industry standards.

Sublease Agreements

When your business needs to vacate a space and manage the remaining term, our brokers can assist in sublease marketing and identifying a qualified subtenant quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we specialize in direct lease marketing for tenants interested in being completely absolved with the introduction of a replacement tenant. To discuss sublease marketing or eligibility for direct lease marketing, call or email officespace@noahre.com.