January 2023 Newsletter

A Real-Time Narrative |  We connect with Midtown business executives daily to probe and hear anything and everything related to their office space. In that vein, I wanted to share several of the... [Read more...]

Lease vs. Sublease: Pros and Cons

When it comes to renting office space in New York City, the two most popular choices for companies are leasing and subleasing. Both have their pros and cons, and the decision of which one to choose... [Read more...]

November 2022 Newsletter

Office Space Buildup:  2022 has certainly been an interesting year thus far. The first half of the year effectively marked ‘the end’ of COVID (ie. lifted mask requirements, end of private vaccine... [Read more...]

October 2022 Newsletter

How's the Market?  It's a frequent question from clients and other office space market participants looking for real-time information rather than the media's talking points - where it seems to... [Read more...]

August-September 2022 Newsletter

The Same, Yet Different  Seems real this time. Over the past three years, there has been a familiar buzz from employers around Labor Day: "This is when our employees will begin coming back to the... [Read more...]

July 2022 Newsletter

Straight Office Talk  The top question that our team is asked on a monthly basis revolves around one point: "Is this a good deal?" Whether it's a renewal notice from a current Landlord or in r... [Read more...]

June 2022 Newsletter

The Realest Estate Update (A message from Ben Blumenthal) -  As talk of a looming (or current) recession grows louder, many have aptly wondered about the impact that an economic decline would have... [Read more...]

May 2022 Newsletter

The Tenant-Amenity Revolution (A message from Ben Blumenthal) -  The warm May weather has us back on the streets - and returning to video for the TL;DWTR (too long, don't want to read) folks.Below... [Read more...]

April 2022 Newsletter

The Market = Your Alternatives (A message from Ben Blumenthal) -  Quick Bites Midtown's average asking rent increased 2% from Q4 2021 to ~ $85 PSF The latest NYC ridership data continues to show the... [Read more...]