August 2021 Newsletter

NYC, The Small Business Town (A message from Ben Blumenthal) -  For the TL;DR (too long, didn't read) folks, here's a 60-second update on the office space market - straight from the streets of... [Read more...]

July 2021 Newsletter

Changing Course (A message from Ben Blumenthal) -  For the TL;DR (too long, didn't read) folks, below is a 60-second update on the office space market - straight from the streets of Midtown... [Read more...]

June 2021 Newsletter

We've Made It (A message from Ben Blumenthal) -  New York is open for business! With the city fresh off its 1-millionth COVID vaccination and a return to normalcy in full swing, the energy of New... [Read more...]

May 2021 Newsletter

The Momentum Builds(A message from Ben Blumenthal) -  Since news of an effective vaccine broke, the return of New York City (and by extension, workers to their offices), was hardly a question of... [Read more...]

Commercial Lease Fees

Cost is usually the main factor when a tenant is searching for office space. If you don’t have a proper understanding of the terms, your lease can become unnecessarily expensive. A typical rent... [Read more...]

Office Amenities Post COVID

Everyone and their mother has made predictions about what the future holds for office space. We know one thing for sure: the office post-COVID will be a very different environment! Employees will... [Read more...]

April 2021 Newsletter

One Year Later A message from Ben Blumenthal At this time one year ago, New York City was in a very different place - under lockdown and with great uncertainty abound. While some parts of life are... [Read more...]

Taking Advantage of the Market: Law Firms

One step backwards and two steps forward. Office availability in Midtown set another record last month, furthering the tenant-friendly environment that law firms in particular have been capitalizing... [Read more...]

February 2021 Newsletter

Leveling OutA message from Ben Blumenthal In a recent bright spot for the NYC office space market, leasing activity in the city reached its highest level since last summer and new sublease space... [Read more...]