November 2023 Newsletter

Clarity in the Uncertainty | Uncertainty is the bane of financial markets, causing fluctuations in the valuation and pricing of assets. Midtown Manhattan's office market has been no exception,... [Read more...]

September-October 2023 Newsletter

Big Market for Small Business | "The brains of humans contain a mechanism that is designed to give priority to bad news." - Daniel Kahnema While the general office market narrative today tends to... [Read more...]

August 2023 Newsletter

Momentum and Misery: A Tale of Two Buildings | As the summer comes to a close, many of the trends in the Midtown Manhattan office market have come into clearer focus: I. Class A Competitiveness ... [Read more...]

July 2023 Newsletter

Midtown Office Buildings: 80% full or 20% empty | The vacancy rate of Midtown office buildings was recently reported to be approximately 20%, as concerns in the market continue to linger around the... [Read more...]

June 2023 Newsletter

What's in a negotiation? | "If you don't ask, the answer is always no!" In a Tenant's market, most will focus their fight on a better rent and while there is certainly much to be won there, here are... [Read more...]

May 2023 Newsletter

Base Rent vs. Cash Flow | This month I’d like to highlight a recurring theme in the direct leases that we’ve recently negotiated, one that has created great value to both tenants (lowering... [Read more...]

April 2023 Newsletter

Seriously, how's the market? | Over the past three years, it’s the question that I’m asked most frequently and often with an increasingly curious, if slightly sympathetic, tone.And for good... [Read more...]

March 2023 Newsletter

The Price is (may not be) Right | Renewing your lease is often the easiest route; are you approaching it correctly? While some organizations can be more nimble than others, relocating your... [Read more...]

February 2023 Newsletter

Reality Setting In | There's an old saying: “by the time it hits the news, it’s already old news”.With several recent reports highlighting some of the major challenges facing the Midtown office... [Read more...]