May 2023 Newsletter

Base Rent vs. Cash Flow  |  This month I’d like to highlight a recurring theme in the direct leases that we’ve recently negotiated, one that has created great value to both tenants (lowering... [Read more...]

April 2023 Newsletter

Seriously, how's the market?  |  Over the past three years, it’s the question that I’m asked most frequently and often with an increasingly curious, if slightly sympathetic, tone.And for good... [Read more...]

March 2023 Newsletter

The Price is (may not be) Right |  Renewing your lease is often the easiest route; are you approaching it correctly? While some organizations can be more nimble than others, relocating your... [Read more...]

February 2023 Newsletter

Reality Setting In |  There's an old saying: “by the time it hits the news, it’s already old news”. With several recent reports highlighting some of the major challenges facing the Midtown office... [Read more...]

January 2023 Newsletter

A Real-Time Narrative |  We connect with Midtown business executives daily to probe and hear anything and everything related to their office space. In that vein, I wanted to share several of the... [Read more...]

November 2022 Newsletter

Office Space Buildup:  2022 has certainly been an interesting year thus far. The first half of the year effectively marked ‘the end’ of COVID (ie. lifted mask requirements, end of private vaccine... [Read more...]

October 2022 Newsletter

How's the Market?  It's a frequent question from clients and other office space market participants looking for real-time information rather than the media's talking points - where it seems to... [Read more...]

August-September 2022 Newsletter

The Same, Yet Different  Seems real this time. Over the past three years, there has been a familiar buzz from employers around Labor Day: "This is when our employees will begin coming back to the... [Read more...]

July 2022 Newsletter

Straight Office Talk  The top question that our team is asked on a monthly basis revolves around one point: "Is this a good deal?" Whether it's a renewal notice from a current Landlord or in r... [Read more...]