Review: SL Green Q3 Earnings Call

Late last week, SL Green held its Q3 Earnings Call last week and shed some light on the organization's posture in the current environment and its expectations for Q4 and beyond. For those interested,... [Read more...]

NYC Reopens: Commuter Trends from Phase 1

The second week of NYC's phased-reopening plan began on Monday, a continuation of the transition that has the city on track to enter Phase 2 as early as next week. For office users closely monitoring... [Read more...]

Update to Personal Liability Clause in Commercial Leases

Commercial tenants in NYC have been on the short-end of the stick for much of the COVID-19 lockdown and haven't had much to celebrate. A bit of welcome news arrived late last week though, as a bill... [Read more...]

Covid-19 : NYC Commercial Real Estate Perspectives (4/23/2020)

Sam Zell, the legendary real estate investor, is best known for closely observing current supply and demand imbalances to develop an analysis as to where the market is moving. In that vein, below... [Read more...]

Covid-19 : NYC Commercial Real Estate Perspectives (4/6/2020)

It's been over 2 weeks since the majority of NYC was placed on lock-down and the effects on the Midtown office leasing market have been felt far and wide. Below are some of the latest perspectives... [Read more...]

Credit Risks: Subleases & Coworking

Subtenants, coworking members, and flex-space users make up a substantial percentage of the NYC office space market. With the city now in the middle of an unprecedented crisis, it's time to pull... [Read more...]

Covid-19 : NYC Commercial Real Estate Perspectives (3/25/2020)

With a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the air, the office leasing market is in somewhat of a stand-still. Below are several different perspectives on the current situation: BrokerageFrom... [Read more...]

Coworking vs. Subleasing: Which is right for my business?

For small to medium-sized businesses looking for short-term office space opportunities, the prevalence and marketing behind coworking alternatives brings them to top of mind. Some coworking... [Read more...]

3 Ways to Leave Your Space Prior to Lease Expiration

Businesses evolve over time but your office lease generally does not. As a tenant, changing business needs and economic environments may put pressure on your business needs that will not always... [Read more...]