With 2020 in the rearview mirror, an increasing number of companies have begun planning for what's next: work-from-home flexibility, COVID-friendly workplaces, and a transitional period back to the office.

As your team contemplates next steps and explores all available options, you may find several of the resources below to be helpful and relevant for both short-term and long-term needs:

  1. Lease Buyouts: A growing number of clients have successfully reached agreements with landlords to terminate their leases. This is usually a function of several factors and various case by case; we've summarized some of those items here.

  2. Interim Space: We've compiled a comprehensive set of all the coworking/flex-space providers and their offerings in New York City. Depending on the location and quality of the provider, pricing is currently running between $500-$800/desk per month.
    View the Noah & Co. Flex-Space Map here.

  3. Lease Restructuring: Does your office space no longer align with your firms requirements? Are you paying too much? Have you considered restructuring your lease to bring your space more in line with market pricing and your long term space needs?

  4. Sublease Marketing: Our team can facilitate a seamless and execution-focused approach to finding a subtenant for your space. With broad marketing exposure and a virtual tour of your space to minimize foot traffic, we can work to procure a subtenant for your unit.
    See what our subleasing process looks like.

  5. New Listings: Take advantage of this historic market and peruse our top picks for new direct lease and sublease office spaces on the market.
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Wishing you and your team health and success moving forward.